Core Data Cloud Syncing Done Right

Wasabi Sync delivers on the promise of record-based synchronization of Core Data based applications.

Using the Wasabi Sync SDK, your users’ Core Data persistent stores will silently and transparently be kept in sync across multiple devices and even across multiple platforms.

How it Works

Wasabi Sync monitors your existing Core Data persistent store and watches for when your application makes changes to it. When changes occur, Wasabi Sync serializes the changes and sends them securely over the cloud to the Wasabi Sync servers. Those changes are then propagated to the user’s other devices and written to their respective persistent stores.

Wasabi Sync requires almost no code changes to integrate with your app. The only things you have to do to start syncing are:

  • Add the Wasabi Sync SDK to your existing Core Data based project.
  • For any Core Data entities you want to sync, add a globally unique identifier to your models
  • Specify that your syncable core data entities implement the WHISyncableObject protocol.

That’s pretty much it! Of course, there’s plenty of powerful tools built into the SDK that enable you to customize the behavior of Wasabi Sync, but at it’s bare minimum, this will get you running. Click here to sign up and try it for free.


The ease of getting your application up and running with Wasabi Sync is pretty cool, but we're app developers too, and we know that our apps are not islands. The best apps integrate with developers' backend servers to provide more value to their users.

Using the Wasabi Sync REST API, you can build your own robust server based applications that access your users data directly using Ruby on Rails, Django, JavaScript, or any other server technology that can parse JSON objects. You have full access to and can query and modify your customers data. Any changes you make propagate transparently back to the users devices.

Your Customers are Yours

We recognize that you want to build strong relationships with your customers. In the App Store this is difficult because you have no access to information about them. With Wasabi Sync, you can export their email addresses into your own mailing list system so you can contact them with news and information whenever you want.

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